Enjoy the sun on STH's roof terrace

Publicerad 2017-05-31

The furniture and flower boxes on the roof are ready to be used.

In recent weeks, furniture and flower boxes have been built on the STH roof terrace in Flemingsberg. Soon the boxes will be filled with crops.

Feel free to enjoy the roof terrace. You reach the it by pass through the 9504 conference room on the ninth floor, by the lifts closest to the hospital entrance.

When used, please help to put back the small cushions in the box and the large cushions inside the conference room. This way, we can prevent the cushions from being damaged by rain.

NOTE: Make sure you do not interfere with any ongoing meetings in the conference room when entering the roof terrace.

It is STH's growing group who have organized this and the money comes from KTH Sustainability. 15 000 kronor have been distributed to the environmental projects in 2016. The soil to be placed in the boxes is organic and the crops will be mainly edible. In addition to the cultivation project, the group has also undertaken to decorate the roof terrace with the outdoor furniture.

Check out the slideshow from the roof terrace here.

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